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We are the greater Portland areas canine training specialist. We have years of experience in canine training and preparation.

Iron Mountain K9 Cane Corso - Sniper

At Iron Mountain K9 we are not your typical canine trainers. What sets IMK9 apart from other canine trainer’s is the fact that we specialize in more than one type of canine training. Not only does Iron Mountain K9 provide the best canine obedience training in the Portland area we also provide training for working canines, training for canine sports, and we also train canines for play as well. Iron Mountain K9 understands canine behavior, especially the kind that you may not like to see your dog exhibiting. Because Iron Mountain K9 offers complete obedience training for your dog, as well as training for both working canines and sport canines, we have a better understanding of canine behaviors and canine traits than your average dog trainer.

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At Iron Mountain K9 one of our specialties is understanding canine behaviors and canine communication. If you are curious about your dog’s behaviors IMK9 can help. Understanding your dog’s behaviors is one of the keys to establishing rules and boundaries that both you and your dog can appreciate.
Learning how your dog communicates at Iron Mountain K9 is not as difficult as you might think. Once you learn the basics you are on your way to a better relationship with your dog.

Iron Mountain K9 Cane Corso - Soldier

Iron Mountain K9 can help you and your dog with the canine sport of Schutzhund. Officially known as IPO and originally an assessment of the German Shepherd Dog’s abilities, over the years Schutzhund has developed into a sport that any canine can participate in. Schutzhund training is a combination of obedience, protection, tracking, and athletics; all natural abilities of the canine. Whether you are interested in obtaining an IPO title or having some fun with your dog, let Iron Mountain K9’s proven methods show you the way. IPO training is a great way to create and strengthen the bonds between you and your dog.

Iron Mountain K9 Cane Corso - Soldier

At Iron Mountain K9 we offer canine protection training to private citizens who desire a canine partner to help protect their family. A dog that is family friendly, social and relaxed in public. A dog that responds to your commands willingly with confidence. At IMK9 we will train a dog that understands the difference between a stranger and a menace for you. Not only will Iron Mountain K9 prepare a canine to help protect you and your family, IMK9 will train you with your family protection dog to work together as a team. A team that understands one another, a team your family you can depend on.

Iron Mountain K9 Cane Corso - Sniper

Iron Mountain K9 has the solution for business owners experiencing problems with vandals, intruders, and transients. IMK9 can provide you with a highly trained security canine. It is the keen senses of an IMK9 security canine that will detect would be trespassers. Iron Mountain K9 provides canine security patrol services for both long and short term assignments and on an as needed basis.
If you require a security canine full time. Iron Mountain K9 provides an exclusive canine security training program that develops specially chosen canines into one of the best security assets money can buy.

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Iron Mountain K9 provides the complete canine training experience in a safe environment, with seasoned professional canine personnel. We treat every dog we train as if it is our own. Operant Conditioning, strengthened with motivational training, is how we strive to train every canine that we take on.

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