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We are the greater Portland areas canine training specialist. We have years of experience in canine training and preparation.

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Iron Mountain K9 canine obedience training is not just sit, down, and come. IMK9 canine obedience training is the reason why your dog responds to your commands. At IMK9 we understand why your dog can be obedient, in fact, wants to be obedient. What the staff of Iron Mountain K9 understands is the canine traits that drive the hierarchical needs of your dog. It is this understanding of canine qualities that enable IMK9 to help your dog reach a level of canine obedience that is hard to surpass.
At Iron Mountain K9 we place several learning theories at the center of our training programs. IMK9 blends the natural abilities of your dog with positive training techniques to bring out the best in your dog. On top of proven canine training methods, IMK9 instructs you in the mechanics of a canine handler. IMK9 then teaches you how to combine your handler training with your dog’s obedience skills to develop a partnership with your dog.

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IMK9 recognizes your dog is a unique individual when it comes to the abilities of your dog to learn the obedience skills that are necessary for a good relationship with you and your family. This is why Iron Mountain K9’s canine obedience training is conducted in a one to one environment with you and your dog.
Whether you come to IMK9 or we come to your residence you will receive the same one to one canine training regardless of location. The majority of chain outfits offer training for you, your dog, and everyone else’s dogs, it’s just not what we do at IMK9.
Another thing that Iron Mountain K9 doesn’t do is try and sell you anything while you attend training. Our goal at IMK9 is to provide you with the skills necessary to maintain a reliable response from your dog when you give a command.

Iron Mountain K9 Collie Dog - Sammy

At Iron Mountain K9 we want to help you build a solid foundation with the new puppy that you bring home. IMK9 will show you the best methods for communicating and bonding with new your puppy. You will also learn the best way to introduce your puppy to its new home and surroundings.
If you are considering adopting a dog IMK9 can help you transition your new dog smoothly into your home by teaching your dog the boundaries of its new home and teach you its boundaries as well.
If a rescue dog is going to be your newest family member IMK9 can help you discover what its current obedience level is and the best methods for training new obedience commands. Iron Mountain K9 can even help you figure out its previous living circumstances and how to handle a variety of surprise behaviors that may come your way.
Regardless of the situation Iron Mountain K9 is here to guide you through the steps to accomplish your dog obedience training goals. Whether you just want to learn about your new puppy’s training needs, or just polish up on a few canine commands, IMK9 is here for you and your dog.

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Iron Mountain K9 your K9 Training Solution

Iron Mountain K9 provides the complete canine training experience in a safe environment, with seasoned professional canine personnel. We treat every dog we train as if it is our own. Operant Conditioning, strengthened with motivational training, is how we strive to train every canine that we take on.

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