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We are the greater Portland areas canine training specialist. We have years of experience in canine training and preparation.

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Iron Mountain K9 personal protection canine training program revolves around protecting you and your family. Personal protection canine training isn’t just about your dog, it’s about you, and your family and the relationship with the dog that you have chosen to help you protect your family. First and foremost is developing a relationship between you and your dog.
IMK9’s approach to personal protection canine training is centered in teamwork. Iron Mountain K9 employs training techniques that will help develop a connection between you and your dog. It is this bond that will help you and your dog know how one another is going to react should the need arise. Together, you and your dog will learn to work together as a team that is capable of protecting your family and defending your home.

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Iron Mountain K9 understands there are a variety of situations that a canine trained for personal protection can be presented with. At IMK9 we will put you and your canine training candidate in diverse situations as well as real world environments. We will also present you and your dog with an assortment of stimuli so both you and your dog will understand how to respond should you find yourself in circumstances that involve immediate action. IMK9 also conducts an in-depth interview to aide in determining the personalized training that is suited to you and your family’s requirements.

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The staff of Iron Mountain K9 doesn’t train canines to be attack animals. At IMK9 we condition your personal protection partner to work from commands that you issue. Not only will your dog be tuned into you voice commands, your dog will also understand how to respond to an act of aggression to your person as well. Another part of the personal protection canine training program, at Iron Mountain K9, is to be able to discern a possible threat from exuberant children or a highly animated passerby.
If you already have a protection dog and would like to sharpen your dog’s skills, Iron Mountain K9 can help. Interested in training a dog that you already own? Come by Iron Mountain K9 for a free evaluation of
your dog’s skills. Expecting a working prospect puppy in the near future?
IMK9 will be with you all the way, from basic obedience to advanced protection.

Give us a call or send us an email, you can contact us either way!
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Iron Mountain K9 your K9 Training Solution

Iron Mountain K9 provides the complete canine training experience in a safe environment, with seasoned professional canine personnel. We treat every dog we train as if it is our own. Operant Conditioning, strengthened with motivational training, is how we strive to train every canine that we take on.

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