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We are the greater Portland areas canine training specialist. We have years of experience in canine training and preparation.

Iron Mountain K9 German Shepherd - Guardian

Iron Mountain K9 specializes in a variety of canine training techniques and systems. IMK9 is constantly staying updated on the latest research in canine behavior, in fact, all of the training methods developed or practiced by Iron Mountain K9 are grounded in scientific research.
Iron Mountain K9 places several aspects of learning theory at the center of our training programs. IMK9 combines instincts, memory, observation, and mimicry to facilitate a natural learning process whenever possible. IMK9 also employs both operant conditioning and classical conditioning as the base of our positive reinforcement training strategies.
The reason Iron Mountain K9 focuses so much energy on preparation and research is because we realize that your dog may not respond as well to the same training methods as someone else’s dog might. IMK9 is prepared with multiple training techniques for everyone’s dog.

Iron Mountain K9 Mutt - Imp

Iron Mountain K9 has the experience necessary for performing a wide variety of canine training. IMK9 also has the knowledge of why your dog wants to follow your commands. When it’s comes to your dog’s obedience training, not only will IMK9 show you the how, we will help you to understand the why your dog wants to obey your commands. Once you understand the why your dog will respond to your commands willingly and eagerly for the life of your dog.
Because Iron Mountain K9 has many years of experience in an assortment of canine training fields, along the way, IMK9 has gathered a wealth of knowledge in the mechanics of being a canine handler. Mechanics are related to everything from how you hold your dog’s leash to the posture your have when you call your dog to you. Along with your dog’s training you will also be receiving instructions in handler mechanics.
Iron Mountain K9 knows that one of the best ways to improve the bond between you and your dog is to understand how your dog communicates. Canine communication is not as difficult to learn as you might think. IMK9 has a practical approach when it comes to learning what your dog is trying to say to you.

Iron Mountain K9 Cane Corso - Soldier and Sniper

Iron Mountain K9 not only provides instruction in many aspects of canine training we can also assist you with introducing your new puppy or dog to it's new home and surroundings. IMK9 can show you how to communicate and bond with a new puppy or dog as well, this is critical for establishing a solid foundation for the life of your new pet.
At Iron Mountain K9 we encourage pet adoption whenever possible. If you are considering adopting a dog IMK9 can instruct you on what to look for when choosing a dog. IMK9 know that it is important that the right choice is made when selecting the right dog for you and your family.
IMK9 knows the importance of canine rescue. It is very rewarding for the entire family when you have rescued a dog from unpleasant circumstances. Let Iron Mountain K9 be there for you when you bring your fortunate rescue home. IMK9 can help you determine your rescue dog’s previous living circumstances and how to handle any surprise behaviors that may come your way.

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Iron Mountain K9 your K9 Training Solution

Iron Mountain K9 provides the complete canine training experience in a safe environment, with seasoned professional canine personnel. We treat every dog we train as if it is our own. Operant Conditioning, strengthened with motivational training, is how we strive to train every canine that we take on.

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