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IPO, formerly known as Schutzhund, are the initials that are used in place of Internationale Prüfungsordnung, thankfully so. Internationale Prüfungsordnung is German and the translation is International Regulations Examination.
Schutzhund originally developed as a determination process of the primary abilities of the German Shepherd Dog (GSD). Over the years Schutzhund evolved into a tier based, goal-oriented, canine work competency assessment system that is now known as IPO.
Today IPO is a sanctioned canine sport that is recognized around the world. There are trial events held throughout many countries, both local and regional, as well as national. You and your dog can train for the IPO evaluation as a whole or focus on individual skills.

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The fact that Internationale Prüfungsordnung has a rich German heritage does not mean it is limited to the German Shepherd Dog. Any breed of canine, whether a pure bred canine or a canine of multiple breed descent can participate in IPO.
It is not the breed of canine that qualifies your dog for IPO training and IPO event participation, it’s the instinctive canine characteristics of your dog that is required for your dog to participate in IPO.
Your dog will enjoy all the activities that are part of Internationale Prüfungsordnung training because it is the natural behavior of your dog that IPO is based on. Your dog’s natural abilities will be honed and sharpened into the skills of IPO.

Iron Mountain K9 Cane Corso - Sniper
  • Tracking –
    In the beginning your puppy or dog learn's to follow footprints. Then it graduates to finding various articles left on the ground. Before too long your dog is indicating where the articles are so you can come see for yourself.
  • Obedience –
    When first learning your puppy or dog can seem awkward and unsure of what to do, barely able to pay attention. First comes the sit, then the down, and in no time at all their focus becomes sharp. Within a few months they are heeling by your side with an attentive gaze.
  • Protection –
    Taught as a game, after all this is a sport, your dog learn's to hold a decoy in place with just a bark. After this comes the defense work, gripping the protection sleeve, releasing on command, and stopping the decoy in his tracks. Their new abilities instill confidence and a calm demeanor. It is this sureness in a young dog that brings out its best behavior.
  • Athleticism –
    There is more to IPO than just training a dog’s intrinsic abilities. There are walls to be climbed, hurdles to be jumped, dumbbells to be carried, and a lot of running in between. IPO preparation can be a serious workout and dogs love all the exercise that comes with it.

Iron Mountain K9 Cane Corso - Sniper

At Iron Mountain K9 we adopt a positive and enthusiastic approach for both your dog and you during all the phases of IPO training. IMK9 nurture’s your dog’s confidence in its own abilities and in you as a handler.
As the handler of your dog, Iron Mountain K9 will instruct you on how to obtain fast and reliable responses to obedience commands. Not only will your dog respond to you, it will respond willingly, eagerly, and with anticipation of your next command.
IMK9 will provide you the skills that are necessary, as a handler, for shaping the behaviors of your dog for protection work. Your dog will need to make good choices when biting and you will be able to guide your dog down the right path when learning to do protection work.

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Iron Mountain K9 provides the complete canine training experience in a safe environment, with seasoned professional canine personnel. We treat every dog we train as if it is our own. Operant Conditioning, strengthened with motivational training, is how we strive to train every canine that we take on.

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