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We are the greater Portland areas canine training specialist. We have years of experience in canine training and preparation.

Iron Mountain K9 Cane Corso - Sniper

Iron Mountain K9’s Sniper specializes in canine security work with gun detection skills. Sniper has already proven he has what it takes with real work under his collar. Despite his serious nature Sniper absolutely loves all the aspects of IPO. Sniper is a four year old Cane' Corso, with a beautiful chestnut brindle throughout his black coat. While Sniper is slim for a Cane' Corso, at 106 lbs. he is solid, rippling muscle. Agile and fast, with a vertical leap of over five feet, Sniper is an ask questions later kind of dog.

Iron Mountain K9 Mutt - Imp

Iron Mountain K9 began training Imp when he was ten weeks old. Imp is a German Shepherd/Akita mix with a bit of floppy ear dog in him as well. IMK9 was asked to evaluate Imp as a candidate for canine protection training and he has not disappointed. While Imp will not be a large dog, at ten months old he weighs 65 lbs. Imp makes up for his size with ability and drive. If ever you want to see a dog that has it all give Iron Mountain K9 a call and we will be happy to introduce you to Imp.

Iron Mountain K9 Cane Corso - Soldier

Iron Mountain K9’s Soldier is the Cane' Corso; the type of dog that garners attention everywhere he goes. At six years old Soldier is 125 lbs. with thick bones to carry the weight. He has a dense, blue brindle coat with a wide chest that is topped with massive, muscular shoulders tapering back to a thick rump. Surprisingly nimble and fast, Soldier is trained as a personal protection canine. Soldier prefers standing toe to toe with an intruder or assailant as if to say, “your move,” and he is willing and able to back it up. A confident and relaxed dog in public, with an outgoing personality, Soldier is one of a kind.

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Iron Mountain K9 provides the complete canine training experience in a safe environment, with seasoned professional canine personnel. We treat every dog we train as if it is our own. Operant Conditioning, strengthened with motivational training, is how we strive to train every canine that we take on.

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